Forest School is an inspirational process that offers children at GKCS regular opportunities to achieve and develop self esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a local woodland environment.

So what happens at Forest School?  The children learn about fire lighting and try their hand at carrying out this task in a safe and controlled way. Shelter building is an integral part of Forest School and an activity at which the children steadily improve. The aim is to build a shelter out of natural materials – wood, branches and leaves – which will keep them warm and dry or by using tarpaulins and ropes to create a structure.

They investigate trees, find out about the natural environment, play games, and make natural objects, such as whistles and tree cookies. Older children may learn how to make ropes out of nettles, or how to tie different types of knots.

Other activities include mini-beast hunts, study of wild flowers or the effect of litter on wildlife in the woodland. The children learn to cope with natural hazards in the woodland and have the opportunity to use a range of tools. They may build bridges or try mapping and orienteering.

The holistic skills, understanding and experiences developed through these activities are transferable to the rest of the learner’s life.  Improved confidence, self esteem, problem solving, emotional development, teamwork, co-operation, effective communication and independence are particularly relevant lifelong skills that the children gain and develop at Forest School.


Above all Forest School is great FUN!