Reading at Great Kingshill Combined School

Children at GKCS are encouraged to read and explore books throughout their time at school so that they learn to read books for enjoyment. Each class has their own book collection for the children to choose from.  All classrooms have dictionaries and Years 2 to 6 have thesauruses.  

Individual Reading: We have an extensive stock of reading books based on the Book Banding Scheme; from Reception to Year 2 children change their individual reading books approximately three times per week. Staff and Parent Helpers listen to individual readers to help promote reading skills.  Parents are also encouraged to read with their children at home and to do follow up activities that are listed in the book itself or on an attached card.  Each child has a reading record for parents and staff to make comments in, this helps teachers and parents monitor each child’s progress.

In the Foundation Stage children begin by taking home wordless picture books so that they can discuss stories, get familiar with story terminology and enjoy reading the pictures. Once the children have been taught some sounds e.g. sat, pin they can begin to blend simple words to read e.g. sat, pat, pin, tin.  When they are able to blend the children take home books with decodable text.  

Shared reading: We have a good supply of Big Books, Interactive Whiteboard texts and Visualisers that give opportunities for children to take part in shared reading sessions.

Guided reading: Throughout the school we have a well-stocked supply of guided reading books suitable for the reading ability and maturity of all children.  Children take part in guided reading sessions at least once a week, either with a member of staff or a parent helper.  Children then have follow up work to do after their reading session.  We offer training to staff and Helpers for Guided Reading.

We celebrate both Children’s Book Week and World Book Day.  Amongst other planned activities, older children read to younger children throughout the school. Teachers and children share their favourite stories.