Welcome to Reception

Welcome to Reception


We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Reception.  All the staff are looking forward to getting to know you and your children over the coming year.  Here is a helpful booklet of things you need to know. 


The children will have daily phonics sessions where they will learn new sounds and actions.  Please look on the classroom window to see which sounds we are covering each week. We follow the recommended Department for Education Letter and Sounds Scheme with resources from a variety of sources to support learning.   


Your child will soon be given a reading book, along with a reading record.  Initially, all books will contain just pictures, this will give you and your child the chance to discuss the pictures and allows them to use their imagination to make up a story.  This helps the children to understand what a story is and that they have a meaning, as well as giving the opportunity to develop their vocabulary and speaking skills. 

When your child is ready we, as staff, will move your child onto books with words. 

Books will be changed on a Monday and Friday.  This gives you the opportunity to read the book more than once with your child.  In the reading records provided, please write the title of the book and initial when read.  If you have time, feel free to write a short positive comment.




Morning Routine

To encourage your child to be independent, we ask you to support us in getting the children to come into the cloakroom on their own.  We will help your child to sort out all their belongings until they are used to doing it themselves.

Book bags

These need to be brought in to school every day and should always have their reading books in.  Please don’t put water bottles in book bags as they often leek and make sure it is labelled clearly!  Could the front of the book bags also be labelled please to make it easier for children to find their own bag. 

Water bottle and Snack

Please provide a named water bottle as your child will have access to them throughout the day.  These must contain water not juice.

Each day, we will have a morning snack (fruit/vegetable) provided, however if you would prefer your child to have a fruit/vegetable snack brought from home that is fine, in a labelled container or bag.  If you provide grapes, please cut in half lengthways. 


Packed lunch and hot meals will all be eaten in the canteen. There will be a member of staff to take the children over and they will stay with them until they have received their lunch.  



Home time

If your child is being picked up by somebody else please provide us with written permission.


Please ensure that your child has a named PE kit in school all week. This needs to be both indoor and outdoor kit. We have outdoor PE on Tuesday afternoons and indoor PE on Thursday mornings.

Show and Tell

This takes place at the end of each day.  The children enjoy bringing in items from home to share and talk about and it is nice when they are linked to our topic.  Tiny, precious or breakable objects are best avoided!  A rota will be put in the classroom window for the day that each colour house will be doing their show and tell. 

Parent Helpers

After half term, when your children have settled in we will be putting a list up asking for parents to come in and help with individual readers.


Children need to have named wellies in school please.


It would be greatly appreciated if you could donate a box of tissues ready for all those runny noses this term.



Junk modelling

The children love to make interesting models out of boxes and tubes, so if you have any lying around please give them to the class teacher (no egg boxes or toilet rolls please!)


Our topics this term are All About Me and Out of This World (Space) as well as Christmas.  The former gives us a chance to find out about your child as an individual and get to know them, ready for our year together.  The latter enables the children to learn about what may be beyond our planet and provides opportunities for great creativity, imagination and role-play.  Lastly, of course, our Nativity will be ending our first term. 


Thank you in advance for your support


From the GKCS Reception Team